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Workshops and Courses

35mm photography is a site full of useful information for people who need to find out about the basics of 35mm photography. The site also includes photo contests and a "learn" section.
A simplified zone system for correctly exposing negatives
A tutorial on a simplified version of the zone system, a technique to help you make better exposures of negatives and slides.
About Amateur Photography
Technical information about photography for the amateur photographer. Tips and links.
Online course of basic photography techniques. Also, tips for taking better pictures.
Amateur Photography
All about photography. Techniques, processes, darkroom, styles, etc. From
Art Navigator
Photo processing chemistry, glas etching, glas malen, bleiverglasung, photo etching, fotogravure. Information in English, German or Dutch.
Articles on working on location in different settings, special techniques, and photo essays on life in south east Asia (Singapore).
Basic Photography Guide
General overview of basic photography principles, including shutter speeds, depth of field, film types, flash, and macro photography.
Teaches photographers how to make better photos; tips to improve photographic technique, camera comparisons, book reviews, and Q&A section.
Butterfly Photography
Get the most from your butterfly hunt, by Jakub Jasinski.
Campbell Photographic Arts
With the ChromaZone Exposure System, amateur and professional photographers are now offered the only comprehensive exposure method for color slide and print photography.
Cave Photography Tips
Advice about subterranean photography from the United States Show Caves Directory.
Chemical process factors in a minilab
Here we discuss several details that contribute to the photo finishing quality and the principal processing factors of the chemical processes used to produce prints from color negative films .
Children's Photography
How-to video will show you how to take better photos of your children.
Chris Groenhout's Photography
Texts and examples on aerial, panoramic and infra-red photography. Tutorials on exposure, professional photography as well as useful photography related links.
Cokin Filter System
Cokin filters are tools that can help translate to film either what you physically see or what your imagination sees.
Decode the DX-Film Code
Table explaining the DX coding of 35mm films.
Design a photography studio on your back
With some creative ideas you can turn your back porch into a make shift photography studio. Learn how!
Destowe's Home Page
Personal tips and techniques on processing, scanning, and photographing.
Electronic Flash Information
Frequently asked questions about electronic flashes used in photography.
Exposure Value (EV) Table
What the Exposure Values (EV numbers) are and how they are used in photography.
Tips for better black and white film developing, and printing. Includes Zone system tests, and calibration help.
Farzad's 5-stop Approach
Spotmeter technique uses Farzad's simplified 5-stop approach that can be used with all films.
Focus on Photography
How to take travel pictures like a pro.
Focus Online
News, reviews, tips, articles, and reader's photos. Emphasis seems to be on digital photos
Framing a picture for best results
How your pictures turn out has a lot to do with framing your picture and centering your subject. Single page with tips on framing.
Free Photo Tips
A few basic photo tips including posing, exposure, film, techniques, flash and lighting tips, camera tips to help you to take better photos for your family.
Free Photography Tips for Flowers and Macrophotography
This site offers ten tips for better flower pictures, plus tips for macrophotography. Site is really an advertisement for services, but has some tips articles as well.
Garry Black Photography; Tips and Techniques
Advice on how to photograph waterfalls, and fireworks, how to make multiple exposures and use filters effectively. E-mail Gary your questions and he will post answers.
Gone South: Neil's Photography
A few simple techniques explained to help you achieve accurate and consistent exposures. Problems in using exposure compensation and problems in using variable aperture zooms are also explained.
High Speed and Scientific Photography
Ballistics, high speed, peripheral, panoramic, infrared, Schlieren, Phoenix Process and related photographic techniques.
High Speed Photography
An amateur guide to computer controlled photography of short duration events.
HM Group's Photo School
Insights and lessons on photographic composition, film, and techniques.
How Stuff Works: Photographic Film
An illustrated description of how the film in a camera works.
How To Photograph Professional Wrestling
Information on the techniques anyone can use to protograph professional wrestling. rules
tips and techniques for street photography without the customary 'rules' of composition and exposure. freestyle street photography. also with a gallery of images.
Imaging Technical Library
Online photographic and digital imaging knowledge and technique library in Chinese and English.
Knowledge Hound
Links to how-to guides for nature, theatrical, concert, underwater, digital, stereoscopic, 3D and pinhole photography; astrophotography; and darkroom tips.
LEXPIX 35mm photography
Tips and tricks on the basics with 35mm photography advice.
Life in Your Camera
Fungi and dust mites sometimes inhabit precious camera equipment. How to discover them, and what measures to take.
Luminous Landscape
Table of contents for site which includes many resources, and articles about landscape photography.
Nature Photography
Images and articles by Larry Sizemore. Technical and descriptive articles covering exposure, macro, light, birds, and wildflowers.
On-Line Photographer
Course to the basics of photography, advanced tips and tricks and reference documents for information on films, and camera's.
One Stop Photography
Small collection of personal tips and darkroom advice.
Online Imaging Reference
Online photographic and digital imaging knowledge and technique, presented with feature essays and topic library.
Past Tints
Dedicated to the art of hand coloring black and white photographs. Source for photo tinting paints, supplies, and instruction.
Photo composition
Familiarize yourself photograph composition and tone with these tips.
Photo Tips
Get great photo tips to help you take better pictures. Topics include: sports, travel, and holiday photography.
Photo Tips 101 - Decor Photography
Tips for the beginner, covering film, camera operation, and techniques for shooting in special situations.
Basic photography advice for the beginning amateur photographer from a retired professional. Includes advice based on specific situations and common mistakes.
Free 'seminars' covering photography techniques; more detailed 'workshops' available to users who pay an annual registration fee. Nature Forum
Nature photography resource with questions and answers from users.
PhotoForum FAQ
List of answers on topics ranging from techniques, professions, history and even some philosophy.
Photography -
Photography is an art as well as a hobby and you don't have to be a professional to learn how to take great pictures. Want to learn how to take better pictures?
Photography 101
Very basic overview of camera types, film types, and a list of suggestions for composing photographs.
Photography Basics
Comprehensive of site discussing howto's of basic photography techniques. Includes some book reviews and other links.
Photography Film: Choosing the right one
Description of various types of photography film and appropriate uses for different ISO speed films. What film to use for particular photography conditions.
Photography Meets Internet - Mark Thomas
Image Gallery, with many tips and techniques for quality scanning of prints and 35mm film.
Photography Vid-book Lessons
A variety of pages of tutorials for basic, landscape and travel photography.
A great website for information, tips and hints on all aspects of photography.
Photography tips, techniques and courses. Cameras, clubs, history, links, salons and photo album.
A page of useful tips for the beginner. Remedies for common problems encountered in photography.
Pro4um Profession Photographers Ezine
Goal is to create excellence in photography through continued education.
Railfan Photography Forum
Discussion of tips and techniques relating to trains and railroads. Features image uploading for sharing your photos.
Reloading Fuji QuickSnaps
Dave Read's how-to instructions for reloading Fuji QuickSnaps.
Rhythm Vision - A Guide to Visual Awareness
Photographs and text designed to teach visual awareness. Text tries to both give background of the photographs and explain what the photographer was thinking or trying.
Richard Tweney Communications
Offers to answer photography questions through e-mail, and sells a series of photography technique booklets. Site also contains a small image gallery.
Saunders, charles
A collection of many photographs covering a variety of themes.
Shooting Fireworks
Tips from Smithsonian photographers; capture the spectacle.
SoYouWanna take great photographs?
This article teaches you how to take great pictures, including what kind of camera and film to buy, and how to take portrait, action, or art shots.
Storm Chaser Warren Faidley
Extensive collection of severe weather related images, film, links, data and products.
Take Better Photos
Hints and tips to help the beginner, with sample photos illustrating each topic covered.
Visual effect add new dimension to photography. How to use a texture screen to enhance your photos.
The Lois C Gallery
The results of model, Lois C.'s first photo shoot. Post your comments.
The Photo College
13 free online photo technique lessons from 25 year professional photographer/instructor, Tom Jenkins.
Ultimate Photography
Technical articles, services and other resources for 35mm and digital imaging enthusiasts.
Unblinking Eye
Technical articles on mixing developers, print solarization, making pinholes, PMK pyro formula, William Mortensen.
Using the Nikon 35mm Perspective Control Lens
Describes the use of this lens. Illustrated with photos showing the difference in perspective between shifted and unshifted photos of the same subject matter. By Mathew Cole.
Vadim Makarov's Photo Pages
Articles on framing, metering, focusing, scanning, etc. Shooting advice for few specific situations and my pictures.
Photos and timelapse video clips of clouds, atmospheric optics, lightning and astronomy. Extensive how-to information on weather photography.
WJ's Photography Page
About infrared photography, filters, fisheyes, tilt/shift lenses, panoramic cameras, and microscopic lenses.
Zone System - Cicada Photography Resource
Detailed tutorial explaining the Zone System of photography, including an interactive exposure emulator that allows users to apply what they've learned.
Zone System For Color Transparency Photography
Tutorial by Peter Norquist explaining how to apply the black and white Zone System to color photography.

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